Aircraft Summary

Colomban Aircraft MC 30 “Luciole”

The MC30 “Luciole” is the latest brainchild of Michel Colomban, the designer of the “Ban-Bi” and “Cri-Cri”.
The Luciole is a small single place monoplane designed for amateur construction. It is intended for economic sport flying and low noise level.  Its construction is mainly wood but also, to a less extent, carbon fibre, foam, composite materials and light alloys.

Its wing area of 4.60msq has flaps over a large part of its span and separate ailerons. The wing profile is such that with its large flap area, it produces a very efficient lift. The wing, in two parts, is easily dismantled.  The horizontal tail, positioned on top of the fuselage, is also simple to dismantle. The dismantled aircraft can be towed easily behind a small car.  Its empty weight is in the region of 97kg with maximum speed of 200km/h.

MC30 employs a small industrial two cylinder, four stroke engine producing 25 H.P at a maximum 3,600 r.p.m. The calculated fuel consumption is between 4 to 6 litres per hour.  The aircraft conforms to the normal rules of the JAR-VLA. The wing is not designed for aerobatic maneuvers but it does have extreme load factors of +9 to -4.5.

There are several Lucioles flying in France and many under construction. In the UK, G-LUCL is the only one flying but there are several under construction and a few nearing completion. The Luciole has received full approval from the LAA.